Who really wants to grow old?

It struck me that today would have been my Dad’s 104th birthday! I wonder what he would have thought if he had made it this far? Or for that matter, is 90 a good age to reach? Or 80? Let’s see, at 104 the likelihood that you have all your marbles, that your “gaskets” don’t leak, that you can still walk, still swing a golf club, are not toothless or can still get it up (if you’re a man) or not all dried up …those odds are slim to none. What REALLY is the joy in being old? And at 85-90-100 how many of your friends are still around? Do they still remember you? I can go on…Oh, I almost forgot….What about outliving your finances? I’m almost 59 and I’ve already outlived my money: except for a measly pension, my debts are killing me (well, almost). So, consider this….It’s not how long you live, but how you live long that matters. 


“Gadgets Killing the Photo Album” Recent newspaper clipping that although the average number of photos taken on a one-week vacation is 300, only about 10% get shared on social networking sites and only 3% ever get printed. Say goodbye to the “family album”, and I guess those framed pics that every one has of their kids as they grow up etc. Sad to think!